Executing Your Best Year Yet

The key to causing this year to be your best year is intention and management. What that requires is a performance management system. Such a system allows you to clarify, measure, and manage your goals, performances and results. All successful people have a similar system.

Fueling Your Best Year Yet!

We do not live our best life simply because we do not know what we really have. Our dominant socialization is to focus on what we do not have and where we have failed. As you look to create your best year, start seeing and recognizing your treasures, talents, successes and assets. These are the real fuel for accomplishment.

What Percentage of Sales Managers Have The Necessary Coaching Skills

I am often asked to explain what we look for when we evaluate Sales Managers.  At this point, most experts agree that a good Sales Manager will spend half of their time coaching up the salespeople.  Recently, I was asked to share some statistics about sales management coaching – the percentage of sales coaching skills that most Sales Managers have and the amount of time they spend.

Finding The Usain or Shelly-Ann in Your Company.

Decades ago, astute business owners recognized that they could transfer the core skills and essence of the sports coach to the business place and create outstanding business athletes. Now there isn’t a fortune 500 CEO who does not have at least one personal business/life coach and many have several coaches.

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