Make Way For Your Best Year Yet.

How is the new year unfolding for you? Are you on track to make this your best year ever? The truth is this year will be littered with tremendous opportunities and challenges. The very ingredients for success! The purpose of this first of a three part series is to ensure that you are freed up, energized, and available for the year to be your best year EVER. After all, if you are not physically, emotionally and mentally present, how can it be your best ever?

Clearing Space for Success To Emerge: Despite your intentions and resolutions, you may fail to produce your best year simply because you have no space and energy to do it. Success cannot emerge in a space of uncertainty, fear, and worry. Unknown to most people, one of the biggest sources of worry, uncertainty, and fear is uncompleted things, unresolved issues and physical and emotional clutter. These stifle creativity and ingenuity, robs your time and energy, and leaves you tired, overwhelmed and susceptible to breakdowns. Addressing these up front allows you to significantly expand your energy, creativity, time, and passion and create the space for an amazing year.

Below are a series of powerful clearing and completing exercises. Take them on and notice the remarkable burst of energy and clarity you will experience. Share it with your spouse, family and friends.

free yourselfFree Yourself of Past “Failures”:

  1. Make a complete list of the goals, promises and commitments you made to yourself last year, frankly as far as you can remember.
  2. Indicate whether each was accomplished or not.
  3. Acknowledge how you feel about the status of each goal (disappointed, sad etc).
  4. Identify what stopped you, why you did not get it done (money, time, lack of knowledge, never got serious etc).
  5. Suggest what you can do to never again be stopped by those things again (invite partners, develop courage, learn the skill etc).
  6. Release yourself from goal/promise or commitment made and not fulfilled by declaring. “This is what it is, and I am complete with it”. Where I am is the perfect place from which to create new, or refresh old goals.

Clean up Your Relationships: 

im sorryIdentify the 7 main relationships in your life last year and for each, answer the following questions.

  1. What promises did I make or expectations did they have that was not fulfilled?
  2. What am I upset, annoyed or displeased about that was not fully communicated?
  3. What do I want to thank and acknowledge them for contributing to my life?
  4. In the next 7 days, have a conversation to clean up and acknowledge whats necessary with each of the 7 persons. Don’t overlook your childrren

Clean Up Your Money Situation:

  1. Make a list of all outstanding money matters you have. Who owes you money and how much?
  2.  Who do you owe and how much? Include outstanding traffic fines, taxes, past due credit card, mortgage or utility payments, monies stolen etc.
  3.  Create a list of your monthly/quarterly/annual financial commitments.
  4.  List all your account balances. Money becomes more manageable when you have absolute clarity about it

clutter cleanClean up Your Physical Environment:

  1. Have your home, office, and car thoroughly cleaned.
  2. Organize; file all personal & business papers, books, notes, receipts etc. Throw away what’s no longer needed.
  3. Go through all closets, drawers, cupboards, basements, garages, computer files, inbox, etc and clear everything that you have not used in six (6) months.
  4.  Fix everything in your home, office or car that does not work or discard them.

These activities take courage. Contact me for coaching on how to have the conversations to complete with people. Notice the space, freedom and time that will become available to you upon completion of each task.

Look out for part two, “Fueling your best year”. You will discover some assets you have on which you can build an outstanding year. For more tips, tools, forms and strategies to clear your space to have a powerful year contact me at .


Paul B. Bryan

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